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Rich brunches with your family, regular lunches with colleagues, a treat-yourself moment with dessert, coffee at five or late dinner with friends. We have been delivering your favorite meals to you since 2012. From more than 4,000 first-class restaurants, family bistros and cafés, you can choose what you fancy. Whether you are in Olomouc, Prague or Hradec – we are in all regions of the country, in 170 Czech cities. Just order something delicious and we are on our way!

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When a meeting at work takes too long. When you have a demanding training behind you. When an unexpected visit arrives and you have an empty fridge. Or when you’re just not feeling like doing anything today. Get something delicious delivered or pick up food already prepared for you from your favorite restaurant.

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Are you looking for an extra portion of culinary inspiration? In our articles you will find the latest gastronomy, trending dishes and recipes for every occasion.

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