Guarantee of Satisfaction

Not satisfied with your order?

We can just refund you with credits!

How much do we care about your satisfaction?

The process of quality control is never ending and we do our best to supervise the restaurants on our list. We're also greatly interested in your own feedback as it helps us watch for any accidents that can happen. Restaurants that can't fulfill the quality requirements and therefore provide inadequate services do not have a place at Dáme jídlo in a long-term relationship of cooperation. Despite that, it might happen that the service that you've received isn't to your liking or you didn't receive what you paid for.

What to do? Just let us know, as simple as that! We will solve the issue right away, compensate you to your satisfaction or even refund your order altogether.

+420 22 27 03 80 3 (Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm, Sat - Sun 11am - 10pm hod).

How to employ our Guarantee of Satisfaction?

Simply call us and share your experience! Tell us what was wrong and we will fix it. We are even able to compensate you for your order in full.

Hence we promise...

We will answer any email sent to our address within the hour (Mon - Sun 11am - 11pm). Nothing is (unfortunately) perfect and if there is an issue so severe that your order wasn't delivered we will find out what went wrong and automatically give you 200 credits on your account as an apology.