Takeaway on Dáme jídlo

We realise, that food delivery is not always the best way how to fill your belly.
Sometimes, the restaurant is just around the corner, on your way home from
work or you are simply not in the mood to wait for the courier.

Takeaway is the solution for those situations.

  • Save time

    Choose your favourite dish online. You don`t have to call to the restaurant, you don`t have to look up the menu.

  • Clear and smooth

    Use the "takeaway" filter and you will see how far the restaurant is from your location.

  • Comfortable payment

    You can pay by credit card so you don`t have to worry wheather you have cash or where is the nearest ATM.

  • All the other benefits

    Even for the takeaway all our cool benefits apply - loyalty program, satisfaction guarantee and others.

So, are you hungry?

take food